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Green Tourism Sustainability Policy


  • We the Directors and Managers of Green Tourism are committed to good environmental practice and aim to reduce the environmental impact of all our business activities.

  • We will ensure that our Business meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law in the country and that it fulfils its legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal.

  • We are committed to continual environmental improvement in our business and we will aim to include & train the staff employed by the Business in our environmental programme.

  • We are committed to achieving our quality objectives by providing services that consistently fulfil and exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations.

  • We will achieve our quality objectives through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Assurance System.

  • We will maintain a respect for natural resources through conservation and material reuse and recovery, to purchase recycled materials and use recyclable packaging and other materials wherever possible.

  • We will ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the business including energy conservation and energy efficiency. To consider safer energy sources and where feasible give preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources.

  • We will aim to buy environmentally friendly produce and products for use in the Business and to encourage our suppliers to operate good environmental practice and improve their own environmental awareness.

  • We will aim to make contact with the community and other businesses to encourage additional environmental measures.

  • We will aim to conserve and encourage the natural flora and fauna for future generations.

This policy has been adopted the board of directors. It will be available to staff and public and reviewed and revised periodically.

Andrea Nicholas – Managing Director

Jon Proctor – Technical Director