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Green Tourism Partnerships

At Green Tourism we work with a range of partners to deliver a sustainable product. We work with hotel chains and management groups and brands to help establish real efficiency savings, team building, carbon reductions and management systems.

We work with regional and local partners to help support community activities and green the destination from supporting local transport infrastructure to heritage conservation, pollution prevention, local and authentic food and drink and inspiring visitors to support sustainable development.
We also work with suppliers to help design and deliver green products and services for the consumer from hoteliers to tourists themselves. Finally we work with local authorities and agencies to help support them through valuable research and industry statistics, to provide industry feedback through our growing network of green businesses and to help deliver more sustainable communities as part of our initiative to make the UK the World’s leading Green Tourism Destination.

Hotel Brands & Management Companies

Green Tourism produce a set of criteria for tourism operators which are revised every 4-5 years. At present Green Tourism is operating version IV and will roll forward with version V in 2014. This master checklist contains over 150 key performance indicators and they are designed for the range of tourism operators in the UK and Ireland.
Working with key brands Green Tourism establishes a template for groups and brands covering the key sustainability indicators from the 150 which are most appropriate for the sites and brands concerned. This ensures the hotels brand values are followed through onsite activities. Green Tourism audits sites on the 60 most appropriate indicators across 10 main sections (significant aspects).
Green Tourism as a programme supports systems such as ISO14001 in delivering management processes, monitoring and practical improvements within the context of a sustainable tourism destination.