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Assessment Action Plan / Review Annual Performance Evidence File Monitoring & Measurement Energy & Water Efficiency Carbon Gootprint Waste Prevention Communication Purchasing Training & Awareness Guest/Visitor Info Management Sustainability Policy Baseline Review Objectives & Targets
Getting Started What To Do First

Request the Green Tourism membership pack – It contains everything you need to start off with. Sit down with your team and use the Green Tourism Checklist to review what you are already doing… may be surprised at the number of measures you already have in place!

What's Next?

Once your action plan is in place, start developing and implementing measures. Start with those that are easy, cheap and most relevant to your business. Other measures may take a little planning or investment that will take time and some consideration.

How To Make Savings

Firstly establish a base line… You won’t know if you have made any savings without this. Use this to review your progress and success. There are a lot of simple and low cost ways of making savings.

Getting a Visit

After all that work it’s time to see what your grading level will be!


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