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Why Green Tourism?

Choosing a green certification business means choosing a business which is positively working towards being sustainable. One which is accountable and genuine in its approach.


This means minimising energy waste and water resources used as well as celebrating positive aspects of our culture and ecology. It means working constructively with the community the supply chain through positive social and ethical choices.

Green Tourism businesses are on a green journey, they have not reached perfection but they are focused on being sustainable, responsible and green. This is demonstrated through our three grading levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Every two years each of the Green Tourism Members are visited and assessed by a qualified professional to ensure standards are maintained as follows:

  • They are committed to sustainable tourism and minimising its damage to the environment
  • They operate in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • They meet standards of good practice across a range of sustainable development indicators
  • They are committed to providing a good quality of service

Green Tourism Grading Awards


BronzeBronze – Committed / Good

Typically has some ethical or green purchasing such as fair trade coffee and some local sourcing, has low energy lighting in most areas has good general recycling systems and promotes either local public transport or activities to do without the car such as walking and cycling. A green co-ordinator is working to reduce impacts in all key areas.


Silver Green TourismSilver – Progressive / Excellent

The business shares its values in going green to both staff and customers. With significant use of recycled products as well as recycling to close the loop. The business sources from ethical and local sources extensively and is working to green its whole supply chain. Energy and water efficiency are key issues with evidence of heating and lighting changes to be more efficient. Showers and taps are effective but not wasteful.  Monitoring of resource use such as energy water and waste is helping to deliver significant changes.


Gold Green TourismGold – Inspirational / Outstanding

The highest standards of sustainability are being achieved with a strong and broad ethos and excellent examples throughout. The latest technologies will be employed from LED lighting through to efficient boilers and even renewable technologies. The business has efficient control of resource use and can demonstrate effective monitoring  with targets for savings. Green procurement will include sustainable fish/meat sources, a range of ethical products and working with local suppliers to provide fresh, local and even organic items . Changes in working practices are leading to significant benefits to the business, community and supply chain.

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