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There are no cars on Sark, only tractors, bikes or horses and carriages. The pace of life is leisurely and relaxed. It is the ideal location for a green holiday.

The island provides a haven away from the noisy, everyday world; the perfect place to get away from it all. The views from the coastal headlands are magnificent. The variety of flowers, butterflies and birds attract naturalists. Fishermen can enjoy peaceful days on the rocks, and divers make the most of the clear waters teaming with a variety of marine life. However, many visitors just visit Sark for its tranquility, spending their days swimming or walking the many coastal pathways, lush with wild-flowers and insects.

Sark, the fourth smallest of the Channel Islands is approached by boat. The visitors’ first sight of the island is the towering cliffs topped by steeply sloping common land, called cotils, covered in bluebells, thrift and daisies in the spring, then turning green, and finally bronze in the Autumn.  Seabirds wheel over the bays, and sometimes in late spring boat passengers are able to see puffins bobbing about on the surface of the sea. Dolphins may also make the occasional appearance.

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