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Elephants are dying due to excessive intake of plastic waste at the Victoria Falls Dumpsite.

The Victoria Falls Green Fund which is linked to Environment Africa is working together with key stakeholders in the Victoria Falls area to raise US$50,000 to erect an electric fence around the local dump site.  Watch the video below to see why it is critical to erect the Victoria Falls ELEfence – PLEASE DONATE NOW

Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is sadly also a place where elephants are dying from eating plastic.

The Victoria Falls dumpsite is situated in an open space where many animals, including elephants, scavenge. Recently a number of elephants have died after excessive intake of plastic waste. An electric fence needs to be built around the dumpsite to deter elephants and other species from feeding on the waste. The fence will need to be patrolled by an already existing anti-poaching team in the area and solar powered.

This a project under The Victoria Falls Greenfund / Environment Africa in partnership with V.A.P.U., The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust and the Green Tourism Certifcation Programme.

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