Here’s what we’re doing to mark the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism

UN Year of Sustainable Tourism

Welcome to 2017 the United Nations Year of Sustainable Tourism #IY2017.

This is an exciting year for Green Tourism as we continue to grow and develop our programme in the UK and internationally. We’re also launching a new toolkit for businesses and a number of consumer marketing campaigns. We are striving to double our membership over the next 3 years to over 5000. And we’re passionate about building stronger relationships with the green consumer, along with partnerships with Governments and other stakeholders.


The United Nations have set five main objectives for the promotion of sustainable tourism in 2017 – here’s what we’re doing to meet them:

economic growth(1)  Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

We’ll continue to encourage use of our carbon calculator, the leading tool which marries economic objectives with ecological goals. In 2015 Green Tourism businesses had reduced their carbon impact by 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in comparison to 2010. They did this by increasing market share as well as reducing carbon through energy savings and other operational efficiencies.



social employment(2)  Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction

Green Tourism requires all its members to meet the Equality Act 2010 (UK legislation) and provide easy to find information on accessibility to maximise inclusivity for all. All businesses with the Green Tourism award must meet minimum wage requirements and operate equal opportunities procedures. Green Tourism properties are very involved with their local communities and support local good causes, for example local charities, food banks, helping the homeless and a wide variety of health initiatives. Many Green Tourism businesses help with international relief through charitable giving and volunteering.


environment(3)  Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

We are very committed to helping businesses reduce their impacts on the environment, operate efficiently and reduce their impact on the climate. We have strong and robust carbon reduction activities and support the circular economy with our buying and recycling closed loop credit system. Many of our members support conservation, from tree planting and habitat protection to volunteering, sponsoring animals and international conservation efforts.  All business ratings include water waste and energy resources which may be presented to the customer through our display certificate.


cultural(4)  Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Natural and cultural heritage are vital to successful tourism and our members support the preservation of buildings and heritage sites. What’s more, Green Tourism counts many of the UK’s heritage attractions among its members, from Blenheim Palace to Scara Brae. All Green Tourism businesses are evaluated for their support for cultural and natural heritage, from providing accurate and inspirational information to customers, to involvement in conservation and heritage preservation.


mutual undrstanding(5)  Mutual understanding, peace and security

Our mission is to encourage travel and the sharing of experiences in a responsible, sustainable manner. Excellent customer service is key and fosters a welcoming attitude to all, regardless of race, social standing or sexual orientation. We’re passionate about growing social cohesion for employees and guest alike. We expect our members to support a peaceful and secure co-existence with all, and where threats exist, to work with the relevant agencies to minimise these.