Quick wins to save money and reduce your carbon footprint!

Here at Green Tourism, we’re passionate about helping you reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money and raising your revenue while doing your bit for the planet.

We recently took part in a Webinar with The Carbon Trust. We discussed all things carbon and gave lots of ideas to help businesses reduce their carbon impact and save money.

Many of our members have made significant investments in efficient technologies and renewables. However, simple lifestyle changes and ‘quick wins’ can also bring big savings…and they’re free.

With spring just around the corner, now is a good time to look at quick wins around regulating your heating and cooling more efficiently. Did you know that if the outside temperature is around 12 to 15°C, a typical building should not need to be heated or cooled? So in mild weather, you can lower your energy bills – here’s how:

Adjust your set-points
Make sure you’re not running your heating or cooling system unnecessarily – every degree saved in temperature adds up an 8% saving. Set cooling to come on only when the interior temperature rises above 24°C (considered the point where we become uncomfortably warm), and set heating to come on below 19°C (the recommended healthy heating temperature of a workplace).



Dress the part
Encourage your staff to dress for the weather to help avoid running the heating system for just one or two members of the team. Reception staff often work in open rooms or areas with high ceilings – ensure they have a fleece or warm uniform items to keep them cosy in a draught.



Let the fresh air in
Fresh air cooling is often sufficient during the early summer months and mild spells. Instead of running the air conditioning, simply bring in outside air to cool the building.




Be carbon aware
Useful tools for Green Tourism members include our interactive Carbon Calculator to help you calculate and benchmark your energy efficiency with just five bits of data. The Carbon Calculator is available exclusively to Green Tourism members, you can access it by logging into the members area of our website.



Speak to the experts
Our green team is here to help you focus on energy savings and answer your technical queries. And if you’re not a member yet, we’ll gladly talk you through all the benefits. Just get in touch on enquiries@green-tourism.com or telephone 01738 632 162.