Build a Bee House

Homes for Bees







Guidelines kindly provided by Max Coleman from The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


  1. Select seven paper straws cut to various lengths and seal one end on each with a ball of cotton wool.
  2. Hold the straws together in a bundle with tape, making sure all the sealed ends are flush and together. The open ends should not be level.

Tips for success: Location, Location, Location

  1. Find the sunniest spot you can for your bee house. South facing is perfect.
  2. Place the bee house on a solid surface, but not on the ground. A windowsill is ideal.
  3. Angle the straws so the open ends face the sun and fix or wedge into position so the bee house does not move.
  4. Do not suspend the bee house. The movement will confuse the bees you are trying to attract.