Our Green Story:
The WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre

23 January 2023

The Scottish Dolphin Centre is situated in a stunningly beautiful location at the mouth of the River Spey in Moray, Scotland. Visitors can spot not only wild bottlenose dolphins, but also other wildlife such as ospreys and seals, and discover more about these amazing creatures from our passionate guides.

The Centre is managed by marine charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). As we are an integral part of WDC’s vision to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free, protecting nature is at the heart of what we do. Our team is passionate about reducing our environmental impact and making more sustainable business decisions.

For example, a major step-change for us was installing a biomass boiler to heat all the Centre buildings in 2018. It’s fabulous to no longer rely on electric heaters and an old oil boiler! Our pellets, sourced from northern Scotland, are BSL-authorised (they meet sustainability criteria). In 2022, we saved 18 tonnes of CO2 compared to imported heating oil, which is the equivalent of 100 return flights from Inverness to Heathrow!*


Alison (right) shows off the new biomass boiler


Less plastic? Fantastic!

We have an onsite café serving tasty home bakes and lunches, and a gift shop. We have been making changes in our gift shop gradually – you’ll find much less plastic compared to 10 years ago. Now our focus is on eco-friendly gifts and local craft products.

You won’t find any plastic single-use items in our café. We use plant-based takeaway items and provide commercial food waste bins for visitors to dispose of these responsibly. We encourage people to use our free water refill station or bring their own reusable cups for hot drinks. Our amazing local suppliers not only supply great quality products but help to cut food miles too. We now offer more vegan and vegetarian options, and plant-based milks are available on our menu.


Volunteers for good

Post-pandemic, we re-launched our Volunteer Gardening team in 2022 with the support of local business Sweethome & Co. We use no pesticides or herbicides in our gardens and choose plants that are suited to local conditions and so require less watering. Our volunteers also monitor the bottlenose dolphins through our citizen science programme, Shorewatch, collecting data on sightings on a daily basis which is then used to inform conservation decisions.

The Centre’s Courtyard garden 


Challenges and next steps

Although we are proud of these achievements, there have been challenges and we know there is so much more we can do! Being based in a 250-year-old listed building can be quite restricting in terms of making the building more insulated and efficient. There is also extremely limited public transport to the Centre, meaning visitor travel is a significant contributor to our carbon emissions.

Our latest project looks at carbon emissions: we are working with Abertay University to produce a carbon footprint calculation which will be completed in Spring 2023. This will help us identify our next steps in our Green Story – we are excited to see where this will take us!

Find out more about the wonderful work of the Scottish Dolphin Centre here

*The Centre’s stunning setting in Spey Bay (copyright WDC Charlie Phillips)