Championing sustainable tourism

We have been at the forefront of championing sustainable tourism for more than 27 years

As a world-leading sustainability certification for travel, tourism and hospitality businesses we aim to help embed responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across businesses and the wider tourism sector.

Workable ways to make your business more sustainable

We provide manageable ways for tourism and hospitality businesses to adopt more sustainable activities. Our expertise and certifications for both Green Tourism and Green Meetings will help you to run a more sustainable business, embrace the circular economy, embed Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) solutions and implement measures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why we are the right partner

Working alongside us to further your sustainability ambitions is like having an expert coach on your side. From crafting a credible sustainability policy to driving energy efficiencies, our sustainability certifications are management tools for evidencing momentum and change. Empower your teams, support their learning, and reassure your guests and customers that you set your benchmark high. Show the world you are a sustainable and ethical business.

Reasons to join us


A Green Tourism or Green Meeting certification is tangible evidence of the work you are doing. Every assessment is verified by our expert assessors, making it the industry benchmark everyone trusts. Show the world that your business takes sustainability considerations seriously.

A proven management tool

Our certification frameworks give you a structured programme to follow with clear actions on how to make the biggest impact. The journey from Bronze to Gold starts where you are and mirrors your goals for the business. If you’re organised, you could have your certification in one month.

Make progress faster

Use tools and resources created by sustainability experts specifically for tourism and hospitality businesses. Tried and tested over nearly three decades with businesses just like yours. Use our experience in the industry to progress faster, saving hours of unnecessary work. Empower your team and develop their understanding of sustainability, the circular economy, carbon footprint and ESG solutions. These are career enhancing skills.

Build on your success

The simple act of gathering and submitting evidence gives you a means to measure, track and demonstrate what you’re doing. That’s a powerful bank of evidence that’s saved and ready to build on each year. Even if people in your team move on, the data will remain accessible.

Make savings

Thanks to all of the above you will be reducing the load on the Earth’s resources and ecosystems. And, you might also find significant savings adding up for your business by wasting less, and running more efficiently.

Join Green Tourism

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