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Christmas Tips on Green Sustainability


While Christmas is often a time of excess, and some of it can be very good, keep an inventory of all your food to avoid spoilage, use up as much as you can in cooking, manage your food portions and monitor the wastage coming back on the plates. Encourage guests to preorder and feed your staff leftovers. Make sure any food waste is composted. Buying pre peeled or already portioned food from the supplier can make savings too.

Aim for all of your Christmas lights to be LED rather than halogen or fluorescent. Christmas lights ideally should be on a timer or for outside lights on a photocell.

Encourage your guests and staff to wear Christmas jumpers. Then turn Thermostats down by 1 degree. This can save up to 10% in fuel bills. Combine this with smart thermostats which are programmed well in advance and there could be considerable savings.

Look for gifts with minimal packaging, or no packaging at all such as experiences and gift vouchers.

If you are giving staff or guests gifts look for an eco-friendly present such as a branded reusable coffee cup or water bottle.

Really consider your tree choice. If buying a real tree ensure this is either replanted or composted after use. If buying an artificial tree ensure this gets many years of use to make up for the higher embodied carbon in manufacture, transport and waste.

With lots of gifts comes lots of packaging! Ensure there is a good recycling system in place to separate as much as you can and avoid landfill. Try to save cardboard boxes, packing materials and wrapping paper. It could be handy for parcels and even for next Christmas.

Before you buy your Christmas tree and cards it would be worth having a read of this blog first! Some great hints and tips.