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Our Green Story: Create Centre Bristol


Create is a multiple award winning environment centre which is owned and managed by Bristol City Council.  The centre offers flexible spaces for conferences, training, events and exhibitions, is home to 27 green and ethical businesses and features a purpose-built Ecohome.

Designed to help people explore environmental issues and discover greener choices, this centre is committed to reducing its environmental impact, improving the local environment, and helping to protect it for the future. 

To enable this, Create officers work closely with the council’s environment team.  And, while this year has been a particularly challenging one, the Council has been able to progress its programme of Salix funded LED lighting installations.  They have managed to turn a difficult situation into an advantage with their Energy Service team able to schedule work in empty or reduced occupancy buildings to facilitate the work.

As a result they have been able to complete the fitting of LED lighting for the 5 floors of the CREATE Centre.

Whilst it was already an A rated building in terms of energy efficiency, some of the lighting was failing and much of it was from the original opening of the site some 20 years ago.  The retrofitting of lights with LEDs means that the electricity consumption of the site for lighting purposes will be 35% lower, saving an estimated 125,000 kWh and 35 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Senior Create Officer Michelle Scoplin said of the works:

With the help and support of the Council’s Energy Service team, Create is looking brighter than ever. The new LED lighting is amazing. Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to all the staff and tenants based at Create.  A massive thank you to all involved in making this happen!

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