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Our Meetings and Events Green Story : Nettlehill



At Nettle Hill we believe that the earth is a gift that we are responsible for, we believe we can all make a difference to our environment, we are dedicated to creativity, producing a culture of resourcefulness and sustainability for the future.  We want to inspire each person and empower them to make the change, to reduce our waste, recycle, and reuse.

Over the last few years have been making some changes at Nettlehill to enable our vision giving a positive future for all. Alongside our green policy set out in 2019 our manager Abigail Lynch has opened a plant based café on site and re established our allotment. The café is a place of mindful eating and conversation, a place to sample food grown on the grounds and straight to your plate. We are working with volunteers to build a community here that restores the earth and people.

The idea began originally a few years ago with the installation of a BioMass Boiler but we have now set some strong goals for the year ahead. Nettle Hill is passionate about working with and alongside other companies that are making strides in this area and welcome collaboration.

Nettle Hill has set out to achieve the following: -

· Reduction of material, water and energy consumption
· Waste minimization
· Recycling of all resources
· No Single use plastic use on site; committed to finding sustainable alternatives to plastic use onsite, using local suppliers and initiative were possible.

Abigail explains "With the growing need to become Eco-friendly and environmentally aware, I feel that every business and person can make a difference day to day to set the world back on the right course. We have a responsibility to the next generation to lead by example and make deceive actions to change the course of the global world. I am proud to be working for a business that has set its goals high, giving us a year to find solutions to some of the industry's hard areas of single use and energy consumption."

We have also in the last year opened a forest school as we are passionate about developing an understanding in the young that we are apart of the biosphere here to look after it and to nurture it, we are proud to be activity looking for more ways to develop our green states at Nettle Hill, to become a beacon to the Warwickshire of a place to come and find out more about the different things we can do to make a difference. As apart of our forest school we have set up an ecobrick project to help transition plastics and teach us how to reduce our use of plastics for the future. We plan to make some outdoor play house with the bricks and encourage others to come and be involved with us.

If you would like more information about taking your business green or would like to use a venue that is socially aware, please get in touch. Nettle Hill posts regular updates on Facebook about the open evenings and you can book a place on the website or via