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Green Suppliers

Green Tourism criteria specify particular product characteristics related to sustainable development and ecological impact. These characteristics may be met by specific innovative products and services which may develop relations with Green Tourism as suppliers.

Green Tourism is building a directory of green products and services to promote to our network of 2000 businesses and operators. As we establish requirements to utilise green products and services we act as a catalyst for the use and development of sustainable tourism solutions. All Green Tourism businesses are committed to sustainable development and are interested in high quality and sustainable solutions which meet Green Tourism criteria.

Suppliers can apply here to be promoted on the Green Directory and may be selected to become an endorsed supplier and participate in Green Tourism events and promotions. There are promotional opportunities for suppliers which may involve discounts for members, welcome packs and event/awards sponsorship.

Endorsed Suppliers

An endorsed supplier is a green supplier that works closely with Green Tourism offering mutual recognition and with a proven track record of delivering sustainable and bespoke solutions to green tourism members.

They must be assessed through a factory and office site assessment and their products are reviewed and a Green Supplier Scorecard is produced. This summarises the assessment and reviews the products and their scoring against the Green Tourism criteria. There is a fee associated with the assessment.

Green Tourism currently has four endorsed suppliers: