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Battlesteads Hotel

Energy saving in the kitchen

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Description of Property

Battlesteads Hotel, owned and run by Richard and Dee Slade, provides high quality accommodation in Northumberland.  Its green credentials were recognised by winning a Gold Star Award at the 2011 Green Tourism Awards, entry to which was via the business achieving a strong GOLD award at its most recent Green Tourism audit.  The award recognised the hotel’s energy efficiency, use of renewable technology, use of local suppliers and electric car charging point.

Project Description

In 2009 the hotel used an interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust to replace all kitchen equipment with more efficient equipment including new cookers with induction hobs.  These investments have led to a 36% reduction in LPG usage and a 12% reduction in electricity consumption.

Induction Cooking provides an efficient way to cook food, as it is faster and does not require preheating or the ‘burner’ switched on, as heat is delivered instantly. There is less wasted heat as induction only heats the pan. This also makes the kitchen cooler so the ventilation doesn’t need to work so hard, saving energy.

  • It’s faster than a standard gas or electric hob
  • Can change temperature instantly and accurately
  • It uses significantly less power than a standard gas or electric hob therefore more efficient
  • Has lower running costs than gas or standard electric hobs
  • It’s safer than a standard hob
  • The flat surface is easy to wipe clean
  • A huge range of sizes and applications, from multi-burner island suites to table-top models
  • Reduced (or no) ventilation
  • No gas interlock

Induction cooking delivers heat to the pan using a strong magnetic field created under the ceramic plate. This field generates an induction current which produces heat that is drawn upwards in to ferrous type pans. The induction process heats the pan instantly, which then passes the heat on to the food it contains. This is more efficient, as most of the heat generated is transferred directly to the food thereby reducing cooking times, whereas with conventional gas and electric cooking more of the heat is wasted. When a pan is lifted off the induction hob, heating stops straight away and the hob is switched off automatically, saving energy and improving safety.

Cost Savings

36% reduction in LPG and 12% energy saving


Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan


Increased revenue due to low energy costs


Reducing costs and overall carbon plus faster cooking times

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