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Many of the green businesses listed in our directory have exclusive offers for Green Tourism members Please contact them directly to discuss their green products or Green Tourism member offer

Any businesses listed should be understood as potential suppliers, they are not preferred or recommended by Green Tourism. This is not an exhaustive green business directory, there are other suppliers offering similar products and services. If you would like to recommend an eco friendly product supplier please contact us.

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Every Can Counts
Every Can Counts Every Can Counts is a recycling programme which offers a number of free materials to increase the rate of drinks can recycling within you organisation. View details
Vintage Roots
Vintage Roots The environment, how we trade and who we trade with are all very important to us. View details
Decotel Limited
Decotel Limited Decotel Ubineco recycling bin insert for hotel guest bedrooms. Fits most 7 - 9 litre round, straight-sided, bins. Made in UK using recyclable green polypropylene. View details
Hoopoe Electric Ltd
Hoopoe Electric Ltd Premium Chauffeur Service, with a fleet of Electric Tesla Model S. Hoopoe Electric aims to lead UK's transition to Zero Tailpipe Emissions within Surface Transport. View details
CleanConscience Join CleanConscience and your hotel can convert tonnes of waste into a meaningful, sustainable programme that will be embraced by employees and admired by guests. View details
Hartdean Ltd
Hartdean Ltd Hartdean’s EcoKnit Quick Drying Snag Free Towels are energy saving up to 41% and also use 15% less water. View details
Vegware Vegware produces foodservice packaging made from plants, not plastic. Our coffee cups, takeaway boxes, and everything else is designed to be recycled with food waste after use. View details
elecar We Provide a Zero Emission Tesla Model S Luxury Transport Service throughout Scotland. View details
Heat Genius
Heat Genius If you're not using every room then why heat the entire property? Heat Genius allows you to control the heating in each room individually. View details
Aslotel Aslotel is committed to sourcing products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. View details
Benholm Group
Benholm Group Beautiful, fully maintained plant displays designed for your premises and planted with peat-free Enviroculture Planting System for maximum environmental excellence. View details Member Recommended
EcoPure Waters
EcoPure Waters EcoPure Waters has been supplying water purification systems to both the UK and International markets for over 20 years. View details
Net LED Lighting
Net LED Lighting NET LED Lighting provide high quality, environmentally-friendly low energy lighting replacements for fluorescent tubes and halogen style lamps. View details
The Green Lady Eco Store
The Green Lady Eco Store The Green Lady is a GRAND-MUM-PRENEUR spreading the GREEN WAY OF LIVING for her grand-daughter's future. View details
A Greener Solution Ltd
A Greener Solution Ltd A Greener Solution provide Green Energy contracts to our clients from renewable sources at lower than retail market rates, ensuring lower costs for you. View details Member Recommended
The Green Stationery Company
The Green Stationery Company We are the UK's original recycled paper & green office supplies company. The unique green products in our online catalogue are available for fast delivery throughout the UK. View details
Green Tree
Green Tree Green Tree is a family-run business offering a range of carefully-considered products which are kinder and gentler for you and the environment. View details
Tomkinson Biomass
Tomkinson Biomass Tomkinson Biomass Ltd specialises in the installation of biomass boilers and is extremely experienced in retrofitting systems into the hospitality industry. View details
Shieling Dryer
Shieling Dryer The Shieling Dryer dries clothes outside for free, 365/24/7, whatever the weather. Forget the tumble dryer. Just save money, save the planet. Simple. View details
NIBE NIBE is one of Europe's leading manufacturers in the domestic heating sector. View details
GreenTraveller Award-winning website for travellers wishing to minimise their carbon footprint. Features 100’s of eco-friendly places to stay & fantastic holidays. View details
3F EV Limited
3F EV Limited 3F EV offers an all-electric, supercar weekly rental service. With the Tesla Model S we can offer our customers the most comfortable, exciting and all-green experience possible. View details
SolidStaff aims to provide a social and economical platform for a value for money, easy to use, transparent service to the catering industry. View details
Triodos Bank
Triodos Bank Triodos is one of the world’s leading sustainable banks, existing to use money in a way that’s better for people and the planet. View details
SportsArt SportsArt ECO-POWR is a line of environmentally responsible cycles and ellipticals, that harness the power of human energy and put it back into the grid. View details
Rapanui Clothing
Rapanui Clothing Rapanui is an Eco-Fashion company from the Isle of Wight, that makes Organic, Ethical clothing using Renewable Energy. View details
Wunderism Carbon Neutral® accredited, Good Energy powered, UK-based web hosting for business and individuals. Good value and promoting environmental benefits. View details
Steadlands – Providing Electronic Signature Solutions
Steadlands – Providing Electronic Signature Solutions We are a family-run business offering electronic signature solutions to help towards green initiatives and negating the need for paper. View details
Pulse Eco Shower
Pulse Eco Shower A shower head which has been designed to minimise environmental impact can dramatically reduce the annual water consumption of every business. View details
POD Point
POD Point POD Point is the UK's leading supplier of electric vehicle charging solutions. View details
Eco Savers
Eco Savers A range of energy saving and renewable technologies which can substantially reduce your energy bills, increase your profits and extend the life of your equipment. View details
Delphis Eco
Delphis Eco At Delphis Eco we are fanatical about great cleaning but we are also passionate about protecting the people who use our products and our environment. View details
Innuscience UK
Innuscience UK Biological cleaning products. We have harnessed Nature’s Power and have the World’s largest collection of cleaning Microbes. View details
Home Scents & Violet’s
Home Scents & Violet’s We develop and manufacture 100% natural products with glorious scents. View details
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Kimberly-Clark Professional As the market leader in professional health and hygiene solutions Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to sustainability principles in all we do. View details
Heatsavr Heatsavr enables any swimming pool to reap the energy saving benefits of a pool cover without aesthetic or practical disadvantages. View details
Natvia UK Ireland Ltd
Natvia UK Ireland Ltd Natvia is a natural sweetener made from 100% natural sources. With their mission to inspire a better life, Natvia is making a huge impact in the food industry and consumers. View details
Gilchrist & Soames
Gilchrist & Soames View details
The Fine Cotton Company
The Fine Cotton Company Award Winning Luxurious Hotel Quality Organic Bed and Bath Linens. We understand each hospitality business is individual and provide the ultimate quality, value and personal service. View details
Popoffsets PopOffsets enables individuals & organizations to offset their carbon footprint by supporting family planning; working towards a sustainable, prosperous world population in a stable climate. View details
Charging Solutions
Charging Solutions The UK’s leading provider of Electric and Plug-in Vehicle Charging Products. View details
Ecover We've spent more than 30 years making powerful, efficient products that clean with care. View details
Toilet Twinning
Toilet Twinning Toilet Twinning raises funds to provide proper sanitation, clean water and hygiene education in some of the poorest, most remote communities in the world. View details
E-cloth As you draw an e-cloth across a surface, the fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt and grease into the material. All this with just water. View details
Cleantec Innovation
Cleantec Innovation We work closely with our customers in the Hospitality Industry to provide customised solutions designed to meet their specific needs. View details
Nationwide EPC
Nationwide EPC Nationwide EPC we offer a fast, cost effective solution to your Energy Performance Certificate requirements with simple fixed fees based on size. View details
Tikspac UK Ltd
Tikspac UK Ltd Dealing with the dirt in a responsible, sustainable way. Help your customers keep your site clean. Install a Tikspac Station and turn brown to green. View details Member Recommended
Greener Cleaner Ltd
Greener Cleaner Ltd High performance eco-friendly cleaning utensils that reduce landfill waste. Brushes, wipers, dusters and brooms made from 40% sustainable wood pulp & 60% recycled plastic. View details
Vertue Award-winning eco-friendly beds and mattresses for the UK's finest hotels. Considerate Hotelier's 2013 Supplier Of The Year. View details
Ringtons Ltd
Ringtons Ltd Ringtons Beverages provides the UK's leading hotels, cafes, restaurants and businesses with tea & coffee supplies and offers a full beverage solution for any establishment. View details
Global Energy Systems
Global Energy Systems Global Energy Systems manufacture and install Air Source Heat pumps providing Heating and Hot water from the air. An Eco Air Boiler View details Member Recommended
John Muir Trust
John Muir Trust We are a conservation charity dedicated to protecting and improving wild places for future generations, and for nature and wildlife. View details
Green World Innovations
Green World Innovations Lotus Pro provides cleaning results. Aqueous Ozone can safely be used as a replacement for traditional chemical cleaners and kills all known food and human pathogens. View details
The Resurgence Trust
The Resurgence Trust Resurgence & Ecologist magazine publishes cutting-edge articles on environmental, ethical and social issues, together with stunning art, poetry and opinions to inform and inspire. View details
Sust-It Simply efficient shopping: Sust-it’s unique website compares and ranks the running costs and CO2 emissions of 1000’s of electrical products from washing machines to cars. View details
Out Of Eden
Out Of Eden A hotel supplier like no other! From humble beginnings over 20 years ago we have grown into a successful business supplying many innovative, hard-to-find & problem solving products. View details
Green my Business
Green my Business People with solutions. Products with principles. Business consumable and waste saving products to reduce costs and carbon emissions. View details
LED Illuminations
LED Illuminations We are a small and nimble team who are able to offer our quality product range at competitive prices. View details
PV Energy Ltd
PV Energy Ltd If you are serious about significantly reducing your energy overheads, radically reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your green agenda targets, why not install a rooftop solar system as below and generate your own clean green energy. View details
Lowergy Ltd
Lowergy Ltd Lowergy is a UK company, originating from Sweden, specialising in supply and installation of the latest renewable energy heating systems - Air to Air Heatpumps. View details
fou furnishings
fou furnishings Luxury certified organic and natural linens for hotels, B&Bs, self-caterers and spas. Natural style, trusted quality and service; sustainably sourced, from field to final product. View details Member Recommended
Collingwood Lighting
Collingwood Lighting Efficiency is at the heart of our product range and all that we do. View details
Gooder ltd
Gooder ltd We are the 0% emissions chauffeur for London. We are carbon neutral and charitable. We offer Green City Trips, hourly bookings and airport transfers. View details
Energy Saving Help
Energy Saving Help Save up to 35% on energy bills with our simple solutions •Magnetic Fuel Conditioners reduce use of gas/oil •EndoCube improves commercial refrigeration efficiency •AquaVantage reduces limescale View details


Suppliers may be listed in our Green Directory if they provide products or services which meet Green Tourism objectives, are conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner by actively reducing their environmental impact or by supporting social welfare and ethical principles. All suppliers listed in our Green Directory have signed a code of conduct. Some businesses make false claims regarding their sustainability, known as "green wash". Green Tourism will try our utmost to prevent such businesses from being listed in our Green Directory however we cannot guarantee that we will always succeed in excluding misleading businesses. We would be grateful to hear from our members if you feel that any supplier should not be listed in our Green Directory due to such false claims.