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Eco friendly supplier: A Greener Solution Ltd

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Product/Service Alternative Energy
Carbon Management and CO2 Offsetting
Green Energy Suppliers
PvSolar and Biomass
LED Lighting
Address Town Hall Chambers
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE28 7AT
Telephone 0191 500 9780
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A Greener Solution provide Green Energy contracts to our clients from renewable sources at lower than retail market rates, ensuring lower costs for you. In addition we are able to offer the supply of Gas contracts from all major and smaller gas suppliers in the UK, with the added benefit of carbon offsetting, meaning you really can become carbon neutral and keep your energy costs low.

A Greener Solution are also able to offer you the added benefit of creating your own power through the installation of Solar. We can help you reduce your usage by carrying out energy audits and assessments and completing EPC and DEC’S.

We are passionate about bringing Green Solutions to businesses and lowering operating costs at the same time.

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Did you know that from September 2016 all commercial buildings in Scotland will require a Display Energy Certificate by law, this certificate details how efficiently the building is performing?

20% discount to Green Tourism members, this will include a full site visit, assessment and the lodgement of the DEC to the government portal.

Please email: quoting GT2016

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A Greener Solution specialise in the procurement of energy purely from renewable sources. We have suplly contracts negotitated with most suppliers in the UK and Europe to ensure that the electrcitiy supplied to our clients does infact come from a renewable source, wind, solar or tidal. The Gas contracts supplied to our clients can have carbon offsetting built in, again to ensure our clients are meeting their CSR targets and promoting green ethics.


Suppliers may be listed in our Green Directory if they provide products or services which meet Green Tourism objectives, are conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner by actively reducing their environmental impact or by supporting social welfare and ethical principles. All suppliers listed in our Green Directory have signed a code of conduct. Some businesses make false claims regarding their sustainability, known as "green wash". Green Tourism will try our upmost to prevent such businesses from being listed in our Green Directory however we cannot guarantee that we will always succeed in excluding misleading businesses. We would be grateful to hear from our members if you feel that any supplier should not be listed in our Green Directory due to such false claims.