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Eco friendly supplier: CleanConscience

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Product/Service Carbon Management and CO2 Offsetting
Recycling and Composting
Waste Management
Environmental Charity
Address 412 Montrose Avenue
Slough Trading Estate
Telephone 01753 820475
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Every day, millions of bars of soap are discarded by hotels worldwide. Every year, 1.7 million children die from disease and infection. Half a million of these children could still be alive if they had soap to wash their hands.

The plastic from empty or half-full bottles of hotel toiletries cannot currently be recycled, despite being manufactured from expensive recyclable PET or HDPE. The UK waste industry’s infrastructure is simply unable to capture this waste stream. These bottles all end up in landfill or are being incinerated.

CleanConscience offers the UK hotel industry a chance to reduce its environmental impact and save lives. Collected soap is sorted, sterilised, reshaped and distributed to those in need of sanitation. Recovered plastics are baled and sent for recycling. Impact is measured and reported.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Join CleanConscience and your hotel can convert tonnes of waste into a meaningful, sustainable programme that will be embraced by employees and admired by guests.

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CleanConscience will work with your team to develop a bespoke programme, to fit your requirements and to suit your budget.

Premium, Economy, or Budget packages available.


tel: 01753 820475 or 07941 524222




Twitter: @CleanC_Team

GooglePlus: CleanConscience

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