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Eco friendly supplier: elecar

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Product/Service Alternative Energy
Renewable Fuels and Systems
Address 9 Telford Place
Fort William
PH33 6QG
Telephone O1397 705509

CO2 emissions are something we are all aware of but what seems to get mentioned less often is that ICE (internal combustion engines) fumes are poisonous.
A study showed that around 5000 people die every year in the UK from car fumes. That’s more than twice the number that die from road accidents. For this reason amongst others I felt compelled to start a company that is dedicated to doing with electric what used to be done with ICE.

Electric Supercar Chauffeur Service is just the beginning…..
We provide a bespoke service. Whether it be a special occasion, business or just a day tour. Whatever you require we will always put in that extra effort to make it the best experience.
Our rates start from £38 per hour £300 per day or £400 for an extended day. We also provide fixed price journeys & tours to find out more see our website.

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Elecar was founded with the sole purpose of providing products and services that replace the use of oil burning combustion engines with clean, sustainable & superior alternatives.
In October 2015 we officially launced Elecar Electric Supercar Chauffeur Service. We provide a bespoke luxury service including Tours, Weddings, Airport Meet & Greet or any other occasion you would like a professional Chauffeur Service.
The Vehicle we use is a Tesla Model S 85D.


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