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Eco friendly supplier: Energy Saving Help

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Product/Service Energy Saving and Efficiency
Address Briarscroft
Northwood Lane
Hayling Island
PO11 0LR
Telephone (02392) 637058
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Energy Saving Help has been helping businesses and homes to be greener for almost two decades.

With a wealth of industry experience, we can help you reduce energy usage and save up to 35% on your fuel bills.

We offer three sustainable, simple and maintenance free solutions:

  • Magnetic Fuel Conditioners to reduce the use of gas and oil for any appliance
  • EndoCube to improve the efficiency of commercial fridges and freezers
  • AquaVantage Hard Water Treatment to treat hot and cold water for limescale

Magnetic Fuel Conditioners: Save in excess of 5-15% on your energy bills with the use of Magnetic Fuel Conditioners on heating equipment and engines.

  • Reduce fuel consumption for any appliance using gas and oil
  • Improve combustion
  • Reduce emissions
  • Quick and easy to install on pipes of any material
  • Payback from 3 months
  • Reduced Climate Change Levy Costs
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment

EndoCube: Reduce energy consumption by 10% – 30% with the EndoCube Commercial Refrigeration Unit.

  • Simple installation with 0 maintenance
  • Improves the efficiency of commercial fridges & freezers
  • Measures product temperature instead of air temperature
  • No compromise to food quality and safety – NSF Approved
  • Payback from 6 months
  • Reduced Climate Change Levy Costs
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment

AquaVantage: AquaVantage is the most powerful, long term, hard water treatment of its type available.

  • Easy to install and maintenance free
  • Reduces scale from boilers and cylinders
  • Eliminates pipework blockages
  • Prevents valve and pump seizures
  • Saves on water bills
  • Cuts plumbing costs
  • Payback within 12-18 months
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For hotels with swimming pools and spas, a three month free trial of the PoolVantage system for reducing the amount of chemicals used for treating the water, very green and environmentally friendly.

Find out more about PoolVantage

Contact Mr Lindsay Ewing on 023 9263 7058,

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