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Eco friendly supplier: Every Can Counts

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Product/Service Eco Packaging
Food and Drink
Professional Advice
Recycling and Composting
Waste Management
Address 1 Brockhill Court
Brockhill Lane
B97 6RB
Telephone 01527597757

Every Can Counts – A Programme Managed By Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro)

Can we help you be more compliant?

Introducing Every Can Counts and encouraging everyone to recycle their drink cans is an easy way to help your company achieve compliance with current Waste Regulations.

Also, establishing a recycling programme can count towards accreditation under the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Can we help you be more sustainable?

We all know that recycling makes sense – it cuts down waste, saves energy and natural resources. By using resources in a more sustainable we can help reduce our impact on the world.

The metals used to make drink cans are infinitely recyclable. They can be endlessly recycled with no loss of quality, in what’s known as ’closed loop’ recycling.

Although Every Can Counts focuses on drinks cans, the evidence shows that using our communications materials can boost recycling of ALL materials in an organisation.

Can we help you reduce costs?

Recycling is a cost-effective method of dealing with your waste, simply because it is often cheaper when compared with general waste disposal.

Can we work alongside your current recycling programme?

Every Can Counts will fit in easily as part of an existing recycling scheme, or will work as a standalone programme. Our eye-catching collecting boxes, stickers and posters will help raise awareness of your recycling collections.

Can I sign up straight away?
You CAN today.

The programme is free to join and everything you need to get started can be ordered from our website today – Email  or go online

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We are offering free advice and materials to all Green Tourism members

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The Every Can Counts programme provides free advice and information on setting up a drinks can recycling programme.
The programme is free to be a part of and offers free start up materials including:

– Indoor collection boxes (for staff and customer areas)
– Collection Sacks
– Stickers for existing bins
– Posters
– And many other communication resources

We can help to:

– Set up a recycling system
– Find a local collector in your area to take away your cans or work with your existing collector to boost the amount of cans you are collecting
– Provide you with materials to run awareness events for staff and customers

All of our advice and support is free of charge and available via our website


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