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Eco friendly supplier: Green Tree

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Product/Service Cleaning Products and Services
Recycling and Composting
Address 35 Feddon Hill
IV10 8SP
Telephone 01381 622586

At Green Tree, recycling, eco-friendliness, sustainability, natural ingredients, wildlife and fair trade are all pivotal to how we do business. We offer a friendly, helpful service and we can highly recommend each of the products we sell because we use them ourselves.

As a business we support Orangutan Protection Foundation (OPF) – a charity dedicated to the conservation of the Orangutan and its Rainforest habitat.

We would be delighted to supply you with any of these lovely products…
BioBags – fully biodegradable and compostable bags from 5ltr to 240ltr, for produce; food waste; pedal/swing bins; wheelie bins; and also dog waste. A donation from each sale goes to charity.

Kitchen and toilet tissue made here in the UK from 100% recycled fibre, and with no chlorine-based chemistry. Scourers, sponges, cloths, pegs and bag grips – all made in the UK from post-manufacture waste. FSC-certified baking cups; baking paper; coffee filters and sandwich bags – all made from unbleached grease-proof parchment paper which is totally chlorine-free. Also recycled aluminium foil, washable/reusable sponge cloths, and FSC-wood and vegetable oil firelighters.

We also stock Faith in Nature bodycare products which are made from natural ingredients and are free of artificial nasties. FiN products are also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and made in the UK.

To find out more about us and our environmental policy, please visit the ‘About Us’ page on our website.

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We offer TRADE prices on BioBags, Faith in Nature and If You Care products.

Discounts are offered on other product lines.

Please contact Green Tree directly, quoting your Green Tourism membership number.

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BioBags: biodegradable bags for produce; food waste; pedal/swing bins; wheelie bins; and also dog waste. The bags are sustainably made from corn starch and are fully compostable (ZP0051) and certified EN 13432 to European standard.

Ecoleaf: kitchen and toilet tissue made from 100% recycled fibre with no chlorine-based chemistry used in the process. The fibre is sourced from within the UK and the products are made in the UK. The Bioplast packaging is certified compostable EN 13432 and conforms to the European OK Compost Standard by Vincotte.

EcoForce: scourers, sponges, cloths, pegs and bag grips made in the UK from recycled materials from local manufacturers post-manufacture waste, saving it from landfill.

If You Care: Baking Cups; Baking Paper; Coffee Filters; Sandwich Bags – all made from FSC-certified, unbleached grease-proof parchment paper which is totally chlorine-free. Recycled Aluminium Foil made from 100% recycled aluminium using 95% less enrgy in production. Sponge Cloths made from natural, blended materials. The cloths are washable and can be used again and again. Firelighters are made from FSC-certified wood and 100% non-GMO and sustainable vegetable oil. All products are packaged in recycled, unbleached cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.

Faith in Nature: bodycare products – shampoo; conditioner; shower gel and hand wash. Made in the UK from natural ingredients (many organic) and free from artificial colours and fragrances, parabens and SLES. All are biodegradable and are packaged in bottles made from recycled material. FiN products are all certified cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

All products and their green credentials can be viewed within our online shop at


Suppliers may be listed in our Green Directory if they provide products or services which meet Green Tourism objectives, are conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner by actively reducing their environmental impact or by supporting social welfare and ethical principles. All suppliers listed in our Green Directory have signed a code of conduct. Some businesses make false claims regarding their sustainability, known as "green wash". Green Tourism will try our upmost to prevent such businesses from being listed in our Green Directory however we cannot guarantee that we will always succeed in excluding misleading businesses. We would be grateful to hear from our members if you feel that any supplier should not be listed in our Green Directory due to such false claims.