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Eco friendly supplier: Green World Innovations

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Product/Service Cleaning Products and Services
Address Unit 3, Jackson Road
Telephone (01530) 275520
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Green World Innovations provides delivery, installation and servicing of the Lotus Pro aqueous Ozone Cleaning System,

POWERFUL – More effective than bleach and up to 3000 times faster acting

SAVING – Save upto 50% vs using chemicals

SAFE – Non irritant , non caustic, no allergy concerns and antimicrobial

Cleaning on tap

You make the product at your location, saving your time, money and hassle.

Aqueous Ozone is made using your tap water, a simple, effective and green solution

No chemicals

To put it simply Lotus Pro uses electricity to transform O2 into Ozone (O3) this rapidly oxidizes bacteria it comes in contact with then breaks down to water and oxygen (O2) once its finished working,

Where does ozone come from?

Ozone is created naturally when sunlight or lightning adds an extra oxygen atom to some of the O2 molecules in the air. Some of this ozone is then infused into rain drops, resulting in aqueous ozone. Aqueous ozone can safely be used as a replacement for traditional chemical cleaners and kills all known food and human pathogens.

The Use of Aqueous Ozone generated by the Lotus Pro unit has been tested and recognized as effective cleaning solution by third parties, exceeding the Green Seal Environmental Standard (GS-37) for performance as an industrial cleaner.

The Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) has also tested the aqueous ozone produced by the Lotus Pro system in a very tightly controlled setting only to affirm that it was more effective than a leading quality chemical cleaner and a green cleaner.


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90 day money back guarantee please call 01530 275520 or email

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Lotus pro is made with Ozone (O3) which breaks down to water and oxygen (O2) once its finished working.

By making a natural cleaner on-the-spot and on-demand, you eliminate pollution, packaging, fuel consumption, toxic residues and fumes, smog, greenhouse gases and more.


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