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Eco friendly supplier: Hartdean Ltd

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Product/Service Carbon Management and CO2 Offsetting
Energy Saving and Efficiency
Linen and Clothing
Water Treatment
Address 39 Barton Road, Water Eaton Industrial Estate
Milton Keynes
Telephone 01908 642615
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EcoKnit Towels are an innovative product engineered to reduce towel-laundering costs.

Up to 41% quicker drying has a number of advantages, reduced energy consumption and utility bills, less emissions in processing – smaller carbon footprint, faster turnaround in stock from laundry to hotel and a more even throughput for laundries where traditionally the dryers cause a bottleneck.

EcoKnit Towels are snag resistant and therefore you cannot pull the loops, which are knotted into the base construction. The technology used in creating the towel, means EcoKnit lasts on average 2 to 3 times that of a traditional cotton towel.

Laundries use bleach (hydrogen peroxide or chlorine) in the wash to keep the towels white; these chemicals weaken the cotton & holes form in the base of the fabric.
EcoKnit towels do not suffer the same fate, they will not have holes forming and there is no weakening of the structure, allowing the towel to outlast any traditional woven towel.

EcoKnit towels use 15% less water in the wash than cotton woven towels, providing further cost and environmental savings and advantages.

Up to 41% less time in the tumble means more loads per day, increasing capacity through the laundry or nearly halving the time waiting around.

Due to the properties inherent in EcoKnit towels, you can now save on your water and energy consumption and use an eco friendly product that emits less carbon dioxide when been processed.

EcoKnit Towels guarantee to reduce your costs , carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

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We have engineered our EcoKnit Towels to be quick drying, up to 41% quicker than a standard cotton towel. Less time in the dryer means less energy consumed and also less carbon emissions emitted into the atmosphere. Less time and less energy consumption = lower energy bills and less time waiting around. There is also 15% water savings to be made when washing EcoKnit Towels.

Environmental Policy Statement
We believe that businesses are responsible for achieving good environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner. We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods. It is our aim to encourage our customers, suppliers and all business associates to do the same. Not only is this sound commercial sense for all; it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care towards future generations.


Suppliers may be listed in our Green Directory if they provide products or services which meet Green Tourism objectives, are conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner by actively reducing their environmental impact or by supporting social welfare and ethical principles. All suppliers listed in our Green Directory have signed a code of conduct. Some businesses make false claims regarding their sustainability, known as "green wash". Green Tourism will try our upmost to prevent such businesses from being listed in our Green Directory however we cannot guarantee that we will always succeed in excluding misleading businesses. We would be grateful to hear from our members if you feel that any supplier should not be listed in our Green Directory due to such false claims.