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Eco friendly supplier: Popoffsets

Product/Service Carbon Management and CO2 Offsetting
Address 135-7 Station Road
E4 6AG
Telephone 020 8123 9116

PopOffsets encourages individuals and businesses to offset their Environmental Impact by supporting family planning, reproductive health and women’s education. We fund projects where your money will help to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies in both the developing and the developed world. All the funds we receive go directly to projects: there are no middle-men and admin costs are minimal.

PopOffsets contributes to the social and economic development of communities by encouraging smaller families and empowering women to control their fertility. Globally 225 million women cannot access modern contraception. We help to meet that need. Unlike all other offsetting schemes we know of, PopOffsets projects have no environmental downside.

PopOffsets is based on a simple idea: “SMALLER FAMILIES, LESS CARBON” We believe that reducing global population growth is the most effective way of reducing “carbon” emissions, while benefitting the planet and all its inhabitants in many other ways. It is also the most economical. Abating a tonne of “carbon” by averting unplanned pregnancies costs £4-6, whilst typical green energy or energy efficiency projects cost £15-40 per tonne.

So, if you agree that reducing “carbon” emissions by reducing unplanned pregnancies is a win-win proposition, please support us and encourage your visitors to offset their carbon footprint by contributing to PopOffsets. If you or they wish to support our work on a regular basis, please consider setting up a Standing Order.

Our website explains our philosophy, aims and activities. Please email to comment or give us feedback.

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PopOffsets allows individuals and organisations to offset their “carbon” emissions by supporting family planning around the world: enabling women to choose when they have their children and how many. This is the most effective way of combating Climate Change, with no environmental downsides.

Simultaneously, we encourage our supporters to be aware of and reduce their Carbon Footprint, and offset that which is an unavoidable residual result of their activities, therefore enhancing their Green credentials.
Thus PopOffsets makes a double contribution to a sustainable future for the planet and all its inhabitants.


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