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Eco friendly supplier: Shieling Dryer

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Product/Service Energy Saving and Efficiency
Address Shieling Holidays
Isle of Mull
PA65 6AY
Telephone 0131 556 0068

The Shieling Dryer is the answer to soaring electricity costs. Wind passing the open ends makes a through draught. Creases blow out, and clothes get that fresh air feel. Hang it, forget it, just drying in the rain.

The Dryer comes in two sizes. The Family Dryer has 40 metres of line, enough for 4 wash loads, and needs a space of about 3 by 3.5 metres. The Professional Dryer has 100 metres of line, enough for 10 wash loads, and needs 7 by 5 metres. Both carry a 10 year guarantee on the steel frame, 5 years on the cover.

The Family Dryer costs no more than a good tumble dryer, with no electricity or repair bills, and can pay for itself in 3 months.

Don’t take our word for it. Just ask these Green Tourism Gold winners:

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Order now for a two month free trial, then pay net of 5% discount for Green Tourism members, or just return the Dryer undamaged and at your expense.  To claim just complete this form and enter your membership number in the box for “special requests or questions”.          

Our normal charge is £350 for the Family Dryer and £650 for the Professional,  including VAT and delivery mainland UK or the nearest ferry port.                     

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