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Eco friendly supplier: SportsArt

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Product/Service Carbon Management and CO2 Offsetting
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Address SportsArt House
Unit 2, 3 Charnwood Business Park
North Road
LE11 1LE
Telephone (01509) 274440
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At Active Fitness Equipment, we fully support the SportsArt philosophy of environmental responsibility. Since you are going to be purchasing fitness equipment, why not allow that machine to put money back in your pocket, and save the environment as well? Each piece of the SportsArt ECO-POWR cardio line will put power back onto the grid by just plugging them into a power outlet!

This article was originally posted on April 20th, 2015 by Bret Lyon from Active Fitness Equipment at

More about SportsArt ECO-POWR:

Did you know that SportsArt ECO-POWR cardio machines capture the human watts generated during a workout and feed them back into the power grid as utility grade electricity?


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Free consultancy service to include:

  • Comprehensive Proposal
  • Business feasibility
  • 3-5 year profit and loss solution
  • 3d & 2d drawings

Offer is applicable for the whole of 2016. Equipment to be invoiced by the end of 2016

Where possible a Maximum 50% discount on all SportsArt products

A full 3 years parts and labour. With availability of an inclusive service contract for years 4-5.

Lease payment terms

Members should claim their offer by simply using the contacting details enclosed, by phone or email and quoting code number: GHSA2016

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SportsArt ECO-POWR is our latest line of environmentally responsible cycles and ellipticals, and the first of its kind to harness the power of human energy and put it back into the grid. When plugged into a power outlet the human energy generated converts to utility-grade electricity, offsetting significant savings for the owner. Sportsart ECO-POWR is the pioneer in green systems that harness the power of bikes and ellipticals and puts it back into the grid. Our latest line of environmentally responsible bikes and ellipticals, ECO-POWR, has taken technology to the next level. Now the micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage.  Please see our website for more details by clicking here.




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