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Eco friendly supplier: Tikspac UK Ltd

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Product/Service Cleaning Products and Services
Waste Management
Address Centrix House, 26 Crow Lane East
Newton Le Willows
St Helens
WA12 9UY
Telephone +441925593985
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TiksPac intends to create clean public spaces within Europe.

In close collaboration with partners and customers, it is the intention of TiksPac to develop and deliver the TiksPac concept of compostable, biodegradable dog waste bags,dispensed 24/7 through out inivotive stations to help achieve clean public spaces.

TiksPac’s philosophy is to always generate added value for customers and society.

TiksPac seeks to contribute to society by manufacturing products of high quality which are biodegradable.

TiksPac aims to be a company which influences the environment in the right direction through keen perception and decisive action.

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We would like to offer a 20% discount to any member of Green Tourism, placing an order two or more stations. Start date 1/11/16 End date 1/11/17

A discount of 15% on all orders from Green Tourism members. Start date 1/11/17 please quote #greentourism15# when ordering.

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The numbers of dogs continues to increase. Dog owners not only have major responsibilities when it comes to their pets, but also to the community. Even if people are required by law to pick up after their dogs, far from all do so. With the TiksPac concept everyone wins – tenants, visitors and those who maintain the grounds.

RENT a win-win concept for all
Property owners, housing associations, camp grounds and hotels, for example, lease TiksPac stations. The stations are placed out in your area for the convenience of dog owners, and at the same time, showcase your brand. TiksPac stations are supplied fully assembled, including brackets for mounting on existing poles or walls. 2,500 biodegradable dog waste bags per year are included for each of your stations.

Free for dog owners
A TiksPac station with free dog waste bags encourages dog owners to pick up after their dogs. You install the stations and are responsible for making sure that bags are available.

Nicer environment
The stations result in cleaner green areas, playgrounds, sandboxes and paths. A cleaner environment and the benefits of the stations are appreciated by all.

Reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs
Cleaning and maintenance costs represent a large portion of any organisation’s operating budget. With TiksPac stations, we reduce your costs.

Communicate with your tenants
Accompanying the TiksPac stations is an information sheet that can be posted in stairwells or on bulletin boards. These are used to increase understanding of why it is important for people to pick up after their dogs.

The dog waste bags are biodegradable in accordance with the European standard EN-13432. The bags are 100% environmentally friendly.

Testimonial from Rachel Eyre, Environmental Co-ordinator, Ribby Hall Village.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Tikspac dog waste bags and dispensers as an addition to the Green Tourism Business Schemes supplier list. Although I have only been working with Tikspac for a few months I am completely satisfied with the attentive and friendly service and product they have provided.

Their compostable, biodegradable and GM free bags were a key selling point and their company ethos to promote clean public spaces is something that falls in line with our core values.

The free design service was a welcome addition and has allowed us to custom design the product to suit our needs. We have found the product to be robust and easy to install and the overall design and appearance of the product has had positive feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Rachel Eyre

Environmental Coordinator

Ribby Hall Village

Tel: 01772 674488


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