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Eco friendly supplier: Toilet Twinning

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Product/Service Environmental Charity
Address 1052-1054 Christchurch Road
Telephone 0300 321 3217
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Toilet Twinning raises funds to provide proper sanitation, clean water and hygiene education in some of the poorest, most remote communities in the world.

The idea is you twin your loo at home or work with a simple latrine abroad. For £60 donation, you can twin with a household latrine and for £240 you can twin with a toilet block in a school or displacement camp. In return, you will receive a certificate with a photo of your toilet twin and its GPS coordinates.

Toilet Twinning believes that sanitation, clean water and hygiene education are a vital combination that helps people take a first big step out of generational poverty. If they don’t have a toilet, they are trapped in a cycle of ill-health and poverty. Even the most simple pit latrine can transform their health, their capacity for work, their desire to learn and their entire outlook on life.

For more information: or call 0300 321 3217.

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Comrie Croft Twin Composting Loo

Green Tourism gold award holders Comrie Croft have taken the initiative to install a composting loo on their site and have now even twinned it!

Amanda Lees, Marketing Manager says:
“We chose the Democratic Republic of Congo as the projects there were enabling people to help themselves and work together in teams using sustainable local materials, just like the ethos of Comrie Croft.

Our certificate is proudly displayed in the compost loos. After some research we see it as a great way of educating our guests – many who camp here are a little wary of the compost toilets but once they hear about the 2.4 billion people who don’t have any kind of toilet their mind-set changes.

We like to be a little different, so when Green Tourism recommended we twin our compost toilets through Toilet Twinning at our last review, we thought why not!”


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