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Eco friendly supplier: Vegware

Product/Service Eco Packaging
Food and Drink
Recycling and Composting
Address Canalside House
43-45 Polwarth Crescent
EH11 1HS
Telephone 0330 223 0401

Vegware is the UK’s first and only completely compostable food serviceware packaging firm and a leader in providing global solutions that tie into waste diversion best practices. The company is recognized as a pioneer and an innovator in both compostable food serviceware and among leaders associated with waste diversion in the countries they serve.

Today Vegware offers more than 250 compostable products including cutlery, tableware, napkins, hot and cold drink cups, lids and other disposable formats.

Vegware is low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and delivered with our sustainable and traceable supply chain.

Vegware offers real and quantifiable benefits, and we believe it’s important to know exactly what these are. Since 2010, every order includes an eco-audit which quantifies:

  • Carbon saved compared with standard packaging
  • Virgin material saved
  • Total potential landfill diversion

You can’t recycle food with plastic in it, and you can’t recycle plastic with food on it. All Vegware catering disposables are completely compostable with food waste, which leaves everything else cleaner and easier to recycle.

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Information about our eco materials is available on our website:

Vegware’s entire range is certified compostable, you can read more about our certifications on our website:


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