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Eco friendly supplier: Vintage Roots

Product/Service Food and Drink
Address Holdshott Farm
Reading Road
RG27 0JZ
Telephone 0800 980 4992

Vintage Roots today

Our values, our energy and our passion for good wine and for organic produce remain as strong as ever.The team has grown somewhat to cope with your demand and our list consists of some three hundred organic wines, dozens of beers along with numerous organic ciders, spirits, liqueurs, juices and even chocolate (well how could we resist?).

Since 1986 we have been supplying many hotels, restaurants and shops around the UK and we are able to offer visits (in many areas) from our sales team, who are able to offer expert advice and training. Do contact us for your business needs, if you would like a copy of our Trade Wine List and terms.

We were delighted to have been voted ‘Green Retailer of the Year 2015’ in Drinks Business Magazine

To have a wide range is one thing, but to have a wide range of quality goods is quite another. Every item that appears on our list is tasted at one of our many tastings throughout the year and constantly reviewed for quality. They are tasted ‘blind’, amongst many others of their type. In this way, we are not influenced by price, or the ‘reputation’ of a particular producer. We are simply focused on choosing what we find to be the best for you in terms of flavour, interest, quality and value for money.

It’s also very important to us that every product is accompanied by appropriate organic certification. In this way you can be absolutely confident that anything you buy from us meets the necessary legal requirement to be called ‘organic’. All Vintage Roots products are certified as Organic to the standards of the UK’s Organic Food Federation. See here¬†for further details.

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