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Eco friendly supplier: Wunderism

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Product/Service Web Hosting
Address 87 Alexandra Road
St Austell
PL25 4QW
Telephone 01726 75551

The internet as we know it today is responsible for more carbon emissions than the entire commercial airline industry and represents 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. This impact is growing all the time with the number of website set to reach 2 billion in 2015. It should come as no surprise that businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about their own carbon footprint and are looking at ways to reduce it.

Set up in 2010, Wunderism is a carbon neutral website host that provides a space on the internet to keep your website plus all of the support and tools you will need to keep it up and running. We can offer you all the services that you currently enjoy while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of your business.

Our offices are powered exclusively by Good Energy, the UK’s leading renewable energy provider and our servers are based in the UK and housed in a carbon neutral data centre accredited by the Carbon Neutral Company. In addition to this, we at Wunderism support methane capture projects in the Rhine-Ruhr Valley in Germany.

Recent scientific research has estimated that methane is up to 21 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. This is why Wunderism has decided to support methane capture projects rather than planting trees to offset carbon emissions.

All of these actions have resulted in a carbon footprint of zero. Therefore by choosing Wunderism you can rest safe in the knowledge that your website is too. In addition you will also receive the Wunderism logo for your website indicating that have taken to be as environmentally friendly as possible which your customers will value.

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We will give 10% off the first 12-months hosting for GTBS members.

Wunderstuff – £36.00 per annum

Wunderer – £72.00 per annum

Wunderful – £108.00 per annum

Mention that you are a Green Tourism member to any Wunderism team member and they will ask for a scan of your certificate to be emailed to us for our records.


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Wunderism Carbon Neutral® accredited web hosting offers excellent value web hosting. They run their office on Good Energy ( and offset the impact of their data centre by investing in a methane capturing Combined Heat & Power (CHP) project in the Rhine-Ruhr valley in Germany.
As a greenhouse gas, Methane is 21-times more potent than CO2. So capturing the methane leaking from abandoned coal mines, burning it in a CHP plant (creating water and CO2) reduces its impact by 21-times.


Suppliers may be listed in our Green Directory if they provide products or services which meet Green Tourism objectives, are conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner by actively reducing their environmental impact or by supporting social welfare and ethical principles. All suppliers listed in our Green Directory have signed a code of conduct. Some businesses make false claims regarding their sustainability, known as "green wash". Green Tourism will try our upmost to prevent such businesses from being listed in our Green Directory however we cannot guarantee that we will always succeed in excluding misleading businesses. We would be grateful to hear from our members if you feel that any supplier should not be listed in our Green Directory due to such false claims.