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Airmid Therapies, County Down

Natural Products and Therapies

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Description of Business

Airmid Therapies, operating near Newry in County Down is owned by Anne-Marie McQuaid, a Complementary Therapist with several qualifications in e.g. Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage and more. Treatments are natural, use little or no products and are all aimed to relax, rejuvenate and heal the body. Most therapies are conducted from the treatment room near Newry, however there has been work done externally in homes, schools as well as work at the local hospice. The business is named after ‘Airmid’ – an Irish Goddess who healed warriors injured in battle. According to legend her tears which fell on her brother’s grave helped grow all the healing herbs which were then spread throughout the world.

Project Description

The Complimentary Therapies offered at Airmid Therapies are designed to help a wide range of clients – some are just looking for relaxation or a pamper session while some are using the treatments to counteract pain, discomfort or help aid medical conditions. All treatments are non-intrusive, utilising relaxation techniques and massages to manipulate muscles and tissues. Relaxing scented candles are also sold onsite and in some shops, fairs and visitor centres throughout County Down.

The owner has ensured all products that are used are very natural, fitting in with the ethos of the business. Soy wax candles are made onsite and are a greener choice when compared to traditional paraffin based candles. Production and burning properties are more sustainable – soy wax is made from renewable soya beans, burns cleanly and is biodegradable where the paraffin candles are derived from petrochemicals, producing soot when burnt as well as some harmful carcinogens. Essential oils utilising herbs and spices are used to scent the candles.

This is supplemented with homemade cleaning products and ‘eco cleaners’ for use in the treatment room and reception area, as well as non-chlorinated water from a spring onsite. Clients are encouraged to drink only water to continue the relaxation and cleansing, avoiding the stimulation associated with caffeine products.

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