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Brack Tours, County Down

Telling Your Green Story Online

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Description of Business

Brack Tours, formed in 2010 are a travel tour company based in Newry Northern Ireland, specialising in creating personalised tours within Ireland. The Brack Tours team are not only dedicated to creating a high class and memorable tours of Ireland, the team are also dedicated to being sustainable and promoting this sustainable message as far as possible.

Project Description

Brack Tours communicate the green message very well on the website. Alongside the use of the Green Tourism logo, a Green Tourism tab on the ribbon of the website has been created, instantly highlighting to visitors the teams dedication. A clear and well positioned tab on the website for all things green is encouraged as not only does it help keep all of the information in one place, it also helps boost the sustainable ethos of a business.

Within the tab on the Brack Tours website, a range of information can be found from ‘meet the green team,’ to the company mission to the promotion of other Green Tourism members in the area. Within this section of the site the business’s green policy can be found along with a range of information about how to travel in Ireland via sustainable and public means. Meeting the Green Team is a great ‘extra’ to the site as it really adds a personal touch to the project.

When creating a green story on line (or on site for that matter), shout about as many business or personal achievements as possible. Links or promotion of charity projects also look great on a website. If the Green Team have been participating on a particular project, take photos and add to the page. The key message in spreading your green story is have fun with it – like Brack Tours have.

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