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Carden Park Hotel Golf Resort and Spa

Glass crusher saves money and reduces the transportation of waste

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Description of Property

A member of the De Vere group, Carden Park Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa is set in 1000 acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside. It was audited in December 2010 and was found to have already implemented so many great practises that it achieved the GOLD award. The site includes two championship golf courses, a variety of buildings catering for leisure stays, conferences and weddings, a swimming pool and leisure centre, restaurants and a vineyard.

Project Description

The provision of an on-site glass crusher, which in a matter of seconds turns all glass bottles and jars from the hotel into sand to be reused on the golf course and surrounds. For sites without golf courses, the sand (inorganic and not considered a waste product) can be used in a variety of ways such as gritting, water filtration, sand blasting and paving. Cost savings based on Glass collection cost of £10,400 per year and sand delivered to the golf course and gardens cost £1560. Purchase cost £10,000 for the unit and £1000 Maintenance (Annual) and £263 for annual energy consumption.

Cost Savings

£10,697 per annum


£10,000 purchase cost


11 Months


Reduction in landfill waste, a reduction in raw material use, and the reduction in energy and water required for extraction and production. Elimination of transportation of the used and then recycled glass

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