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Drumlin Lane, County Down

Low Carbon Footprint from Renewable and Green Technologies

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Project Description

Drumlin Lane Cottages have been identified within the ‘Excellent Benchmark Performance’ area of the criteria. Through the use of the Green Tourism Carbon Calculator, it has been identified that the cottages carbon footprints are less than 5kg CO2 per room night. This is an achievement gained as a result of renewable and green technology being introduced on site at the building stage. The carbon footprint of the buildings was calculated as a result of the Carbon Calculator located on the Green Tourism website.

Drumlin Lane Cottages have achieved a low carbon footprint as a result of environmentally responsible building techniques. The cottages are constructed with a timber framework, have solar PV to heat the water and a heat recovery system that boosts 95% efficiency. The toilets and wash-machines on site are also fed through the use of a rain water harvesting system.

Carbon Calculator

Since 2010 Green Tourism members have been submitting energy consumption data which has allowed the programme to develop benchmarks for industry. Carbon performance baselines for industry below:

• B&B – 15.59kg CO2B&B – 15.59kg CO2 per bed night
• Conference venues – 9.61kg CO2 per delegate (2010 estimate)
• Guest House – 14.15kg CO2/bed night (2011)
• Holiday park/campsite – 3kg CO2/bed night
• Hostel – 3.64 kg CO2/bed night
• Hotel – 26.21kg CO2/bed night
• Self catering – 10.2 kg CO2/bed night (2012)
• Visitor Attractions vary widely but in general are around 5kg CO2 per visitor or less

Members of Green Tourism can now discover the carbon footprint of their business and look to see where, within the benchmark performances, their business sits.



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