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Forss House Hotel

Biomass Boiler saves money and carbon

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Forss House is a country house hotel set in 20 acres of woodland, below a waterfall, on a loop of the gently meandering River Forss.

Installing a biomass boiler is an efficient way to gain savings in cost and carbon emissions.  Forss House hotel have recently installed a biomass boiler to achieve significant savings in both.

Based on energy usage of around 150,000 kWh per annum for heating and hot water the system installed cost £85,000 plus VAT (£102,000).

Final Cost Breakdown

Wood Pellets cost per kW 4 pence compared to oil at 7 pence

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments £13,000 per annum – guaranteed for 20 years

Total savings plus RHI payments total £395,000 over 20 years

Cost Savings

£15,000 compared to oil


£85,000 plus VAT (£102,000)


Under 5 years


41,000 kg of CO2 per annum vs oil

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