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Gleneagles Hotel

Printer and toner savings

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Description of Property

Gleneagles has a reputation as one of Scotland’s most prominent hotels and resorts. As a Green Tourism member for many years the hotel, led by the enthusiastic staff, has implemented an impressive number of impact reducing measures across the large 850 acre site.

Project Description

The project has been to switch to a Scottish firm for recycling and refill of printer/toner cartridges. As a result massive cost and environmental savings have been achieved while maintaining a robust service and product that is required of the prestigious Gleneagles brand and print quality correspondence. With such a large operation, including 232 bedrooms, Gleneagles was using over 200 printer/toner cartridges per year. Switching to Tinto Laser and bulk ordering/deliveries has streamlined many of the operations. Fewer raw materials are required to recycle/remanufacture cartridges rather than purchasing entirely new units, saving over £17,500 in as little as 9 months.

Many  laser jet cartridges are very expensive with costs upwards of £250 per single unit. Tinto cartridges can be as much as 1/5 of the cost of an original cartridge, cutting spend from £26,500 in total down to around £9,000. Savings made can be put toward other green projects, more efficient equipment etc.

The initial trial phase by Tinto at Gleneagles resulted in 98% of total printer cartridge reused and recycled. Tinto ensures a full WEEE compliant paper-trail, and is also ISO14001 and 9001 accredited. Printer warranties or print quality are not compromised by using these remanufactured cartridges.The move towards Tinto has streamlined several processes; dealing with one company for pick-up, drop-off, transportation as well as the remanufacture stage has reduced the amount of vehicle deliveries; less paperwork and staff time; and less natural resources involved at each process stage.

Cost Savings

£17,500 in 9 months


Time and effort working with Tinto


Immediate savings


Saving money and closing the recycling loop

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