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Low Wood Bay

In House Water Bottling Plant

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Low Wood Bay takes their responsibility to the environment seriously and have a number of measures in place that add to the overall sustainability of the hotel Striking the right balance between short-term economic interests and the long-term health of the local environment.

One of these measures was to install water purification and bottling plant.  This equipment filters, chills and carbonates (where desired) ordinary tap water into a higher quality bottled table water suitable for dining, hospitality and conference needs.  The water is then presented in a stylish reusable glass bottle with stopper.  Each bottle also carries the hotel logo.

Using this method of water provision the hotel has reduced its carbon footprint by 3.53 Tonnes; reduced cardboard packaging derived from deliveries and saved 19,547 one-litre bottles reducing the volume of recyclates produced.

Cost Savings

Total bottle savings so far 25,409




7 months


Carbon savings 3.53 tonnes per annum


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