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Turnip House, County Down

Compost Eco-Toilet

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Project Description

Turnip House is a café, gift shop and felting business based in the Castlewellan area. This site boasts an compost eco- toilet.

Turnip House has a well on site and if there is too much demand put on the well, it can dry up. This was one of the reasons for creating an eco-toilet on site. The other was John and Elaine did not agree with flushing fresh and clean water from the well when other solutions where available. So the eco-toilet was born. This toilet is in fact a compost toilet. A simple design of an old toilet pan that is filled with sawdust and wood shavings instead of water. A bucket of sawdust sits next to the toilet (where the flush would normally be).

So where does the waste go? At the end of every day the toilet bowl is emptied into a separate compost bin on site. After around a year, the waste is composted and then used on the plant beds in the café garden. In order to prevent possible odour, grass cuttings are also added to the compost. For further details look at John’s blog:

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