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Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre

Waste beer disposal using biodigester

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Description of Property

Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre is located in the bustling market town of Devizes, Wiltshire. The brewery shop is fully stocked with a wide range of gifts and merchandise as well as a large selection of Wadworth beer. The Visitor Centre also includes the free self-guided ‘brewseum’ where you can look through a range of brewing memorabilia. As well as the Brewery shop, the centre offers award-winning guided tours of the family-owned brewery which includes lots of interesting history and free sampling of the ale.

Project Description

Wadworth Brewery and Visitor Centre now dispose of any excess/over brewed/over aged ale to nearby Bore Hill Farm Biodigester. Malaby Biogas Ltd operates the anaerobic digestion facility which has been in operation since 2012 and has the capacity to recycle 17000 tonnes per annum of food-waste. Owners and operators Malaby Biogas offer a local service collecting commercial food-waste from local businesses. In additional, the plant also receives daily deliveries of food-waste from food producers.


As the Bore Hill Farm biodigester was an external project; there were no initial investment costs to Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre. The only investment was staff time to set up an agreement between Malaby Biogas Ltd and the Visitor Centre.


• Waste Minimisation – reduction in landfill and waste collection
• Energy (electricity) produced from waste products
• Supporting local businesses – The plant will eventually be integrated into a small development of business units that will benefit from the power and heat generated on site by the new plant.

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