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Waterton Park Hotel

Saving money and moving away from oil

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Description of Property

Walton Hall is a gracious Georgian mansion built on an island surrounded by a 26-acre lake and natural wildlife park, with the only access from the mainland by an elegant cast iron footbridge. It is now part of the luxurious Waterton Park Hotel. The management team is always actively seeking ways to improve the hotel’s efficiency and green credentials, not only to reduce ongoing running costs but also to lower their carbon footprint.

Project Description

A renewable energy heating system was designed by Yorkshire Renewable Energy Solutions (YRES) to use the latent heat within the lake to produce hot water and heating.Firstly, a NIBE 60kW heat pump system was installed to supply heat to the hotel’s 39,000-gallon swimming pool, as well as providing hot water for the showers in the leisure centre. This was successfully completed in 2009 and the initial savings on oil being in the region of £22,000 and equally important in ecological terms, a saving of around 168 tonnes of carbon per annum.

The second stage of the project entailed the design and installation of a larger NIBE 144kW heat pump system, and would again be unusual because instead of the heat collector pipes being installed underground, they would be laid under water within the surrounding lake. YRES had to give careful  consideration of the surrounding area and great care had to be taken when laying the 3,200m of collector pipes near to nesting wildlife, as well as ensuring that the pipes were buried sufficiently so as not to be snagged by the fishermen’s hooks. Also installed is a 10kW solar panel system and upgrades to insulation and draught excluding. Walton Hall no longer has to rely on deliveries of costly heating oil . This second phase of the project has reduced the carbon emmissions by a further 400 tonnes and taken away the overall annual oil costs of £45,000.

When considering this type of technology refer to Ofgem and the Energy Saving Trust websites on the eligability of the technology for Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI). This can pay a considerable amount towards the cost of the installation.  Further information can be obtained from

Yorkshire Renewable Energy Solutions designed and supplied the systems –

Cost Savings

£67,000 in total


Two stage investment in heat pump technology


Increased revenue from reduction in fuel costs


Move away from oil dependancy 700 tonnes of carbon saved

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