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Winton House

Sustainable Biomass boiler and fuel production

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Description of Property

Winton House is an exclusive events venue located in East Lothian. This idyllic and historic castle is secluded on the Winton estate in Pencaitland, Tranent. The venue is used for a number of events from firework displays for the locals, charity runs and team building projects to weddings and formal dinners.

Project Description

The castle and grounds boast a variety of renewable energies; biomass and solar. The 200kW Herz wood chip boiler was installed in December 2012 and is used as the main source of heating and hot water production for the venue. On site there is an array of solar panels, used to produce energy for machinery work within the yard.

The wood for the biomass is grown and managed on site. The timber is then dried under barn roofs that house the solar panels. The dried wood is then chipped on site and fed to the boiler. The power used to chip the wood is generated from the solar array. Excess wood chip is also exported from site for use by a number of farmers on the estate.

The project offers a great example of “closing the loop”.

Idris the woodchip boiler

Chipping waste wood for heatInvestmentwinton house3

Monetary investment in the biomass boiler, the solar panels, training of staff and of course staff time where all factored into this project. However, this project is viewed as an investment into the estate and the management of the estate. It continues the green and sustainable story/way of life this attraction promotes to its visitors.


In 2015 the biomass boiler produced 540Kwh using around 154 tonnes of wood chip. The chip produced on site was 610 tonnes, allowing around 456 tonnes of wood chip to be sold to locals on the estate.


Growing, coppicing and drying the wood on site to then convert to chip for the boiler reaps benefits for the estate. It aids woodland management, reduces transport miles for the fuel and helps to sustain a number of farms on the estate who also have biomass.

This map shows where the wood chip generated on site is distributed to:

winton house map


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