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Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Conference Venue

Edinburgh International Conference Centre
The Exchange
150 Morrison St
Telephone (0131) 300 3000
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Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme

EICC’s Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme

EICC’s Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme is a bespoke management approach and branded customer service. It is an evocation of sustainability from an informed workforce, customers, business partners and peer organisations. Together, these groups seek shared business success and to deliver on the promise of economic, social and environmental benefits to a wider society. EICC’s Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme couples low carbon and low cost operating efficiency with sustainable event management counsel. It also offers customers a carbon credit acquisition option. The programme is data driven and business wide.

Plan-it green™ Team

Central to the success of EICC’s Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme is a cross-functional Plan-it green™ Team that draws on a rich quarterly review dataset to inform its continuous improvement actions. The Plan-it green™ Team is empowered ‘to help customers stage successful events’. They deploy a proven ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ continuous improvement approach, quantify and signpost event specific carbon credit acquisition options. Operationally this drives a virtuous cycle, achieves reduced operating costs and helps build customer loyalty.
Environmental impact of business operations

Our Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme articulates internally and externally our business’s approach to the environment. EICC is a declared and committed supporter of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 which targets a 42% cut across a basket of six major Greenhouse Gases by 2020.

The company is also is a signatory to the Zero Waste Scotland Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA). The agreement aims to cut food and associated packaging waste by 5% and increase the overall rate of food and packaging waste being recycled, sent to anaerobic digestion or composted to 70% by 2015. The latest result shows that EICC has beaten tough new targets to cut food and associated packaging waste and increase recycling.

Relations with industry partners and local suppliers

Our principal partners are accommodation, transportation and entertainment providers in the City and we are leading an initiative to accelerate and improve the quality of collaborative bidding for new business in Edinburgh. This work is designed to complement the work of existing agencies. The Scottish Government is keen to promote Scotland as a leading business tourism destination and we are deepening our relationship with relevant departments and agencies.
The business activates sustainability approaches through its supply chain requiring produce deliveries in reusable or compostable containers. Working with source segregation waste service, the Plan-it green™ Team encourages high levels of segregation compliance through end use visualisation.

Relations with customers

Level of customer satisfaction is a key determinant of repeat business success and we measure Customer Delight, registered for every event staged, by detailed survey method. Evidence of our customer approach through our Plan-it green™ sustainable events programme including our policy commitment and practical advice for greener events.
Through engagement with the Plan-it green™ Sustainable Events Programme EICC customers are encouraged to optimise their environmental impact and sequestrate any residual position. This can be achieved by offsetting measured event specific emissions to a carbon sink of native Scottish woodland developed and brokered by Forest Carbon and implemented by the Borders Forest Trust.

Relations with business community

EICC has a track record of knowledge sharing on sustainability. EICC speakers regularly contribute to public and private sector events such as the Food Waste Scotland Conference and Small and Medium Enterprise presentations and panel discussions organised by High Street banks. Executive time is contributed to HaFSA steering group and the company is an exemplar in City of Edinburgh Council’s Sustainable Edinburgh 2020 Framework.
Relations with employees – Programme of change

Green Team membership made up of empowered team leaders and staff and non-specialist given Green Team chairmanship role. Objectives & targets are agreed driving competition between teams. Key business partners incentivised to join, bringing fresh ideas. Quarterly reviews often involve guest speakers to spark new ideas and facilitate staff induction and improved training. Data capture, reporting and accountability are used to drive improvement.

EICC’s Plan-it green™ ( impacts on wider business and assists specific planning that maximises sustainability opportunities. Provides support in sourcing ‘green’ services and products from suppliers and assists in managing exhibitors to avoid poor practice including travel and transport planning to minimise road-miles. The EICC was the Global UFI Sustainability Award winner in 2014. The competition theme was “Best measurement tool for effective results”, with the objective of rewarding a tool that is successful in measuring the data required to report effective results on a sustainability issue.

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The EICC is a modern purpose-built events venue and is fully accessible for people with disabilities. Additionally, the EICC team is equalities trained at all levels.

For a full detailed text description of access to, and navigation within, the EICC please see:

Accessible Parking Near the EICC

Dedicated accessible parking spaces are available in the Sheraton Grand Hotel car park, which neighbours the EICC: In addition there is on street parking on Morrison Street near the EICC’s main entrance and in surrounding streets, which is free, and without time limit for Blue Badge holders.

Venue Access
A disabled access sliding door is adjacent to the main entrance on Morrison Street. It is push button operated from the outside and infra-red sensor from inside. During an event this door is manned with security who can offer assistance if required.

All areas of the Centre are reached by lift. All lifts have spoken messages indicating which floor the lift is on and whether the doors are opening or closing. Additionally, all lifts have grab bars for delegate with impaired mobility.

Toilet Facilities
On each floor of the Centre there are two adapted toilets, with grab rails, emergency buttons, lowered mirrors and fittings. Currently these toilets allow for either a left or a right lateral transfer, not both.

Induction Loop
In the Pentland auditorium an Induction Loop is located in the central section of seats from row F to the rear of the auditorium. To use this, delegate should switch their hearing aids to the “T” position to hear the same sound as other delegates. Additional induction loops are installed as required.

Wheelchair Spaces
There is a wheelchair platform lift, which can be utilised to take wheelchair users on to stages in the Lomond Suite, breakout rooms, Cromdale Hall, and Strathblane Hall.

There are three spaces in the front of the Sidlaw and Fintry auditoria, which are available for wheelchair users. There are also six wheelchair spaces in the Pentland Auditorium.

Further Information
The EICC has good links with the Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters and can provide interpreters for all conferences at a reasonable fee. Additionally, information can be passed on regarding brailing of conference information or transferring written information onto tape for any delegates with a visual impairment.

Assistance dogs are welcome.

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