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Libera Università di Alcatraz


Libera Università di Alcatraz
Libera universita di Alcatraza
Localita Santa Cristina 53
Gubbio - Umbria
Telephone (0039) 075 9229938
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Location: The Free University of Alcatraz is a free association of citizens who enjoy the pleasure of good eating and good manners. It is a cultural association with lodging and food service for all members which was established in 1981 by Jacopo Fo, since 2004 it is also a demonstrative centre for eco-technologies. In 2011 it was awarded with the prize “Climate Friend” (“Amico del Clima”) by Lega Ambiente for the results obtained in the ecological field and it accessed the Slow Food guide for the quality of cooking offered by its biological Restaurant. The facility is not composed by a single building only, but by a number of stone houses and bungalows located on the side of the hill instead. The maximum distance is reached between the restaurant and the summer pool: 1.200 meters. Surrounding Alcatraz there is not just a common park. There is a valley with a clear creek, abundant in fish and crabs, which streams down from woods and olive trees covered hills. A green land, rich of evidence from the past of man. From the remains of the Etruscan burial recesses, engravings on stones perched over the river, to the castles, the abbeys, the medieval villages and towers of which the area is scattered. Not far from here the outstanding cities of Gubbio (22 km), Perugia (25 km), Assisi (35 km) can be reached.

Restaurant: For 30 years the restaurant of Alcatraz has been offering menus realized first quality, biological and biodynamic ingredients only, preferably at “Km 0”. From grandma’s recipes to more elaborate dishes, from the delicate taste of a potatoes and leeks velvet sauce to the Mediterranean cooking, to the pleasant spicy savouring of a multi-ethnic cookery. Traditionally buffet served breakfast, lunch and dinner, during which it is possible to enjoy starters, first and second courses, sides, fresh vegetables buffet, cake or fruit servings, bread, and dressings. Bread, in oil preserved foods, mayonnaise and marmalades are all home-made. A micro-filtered water fountain is available, which water is served in pitchers.

Bar: At the Alcatraz bar it is possible to find mineral water, wine of biologic agriculture grapes, artisan beers, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and non-alcoholic drinks.

Lodging: We offer a unique structure in Italy. The atmosphere does not recall that of a usual hotel, most of the bedrooms and of guest lodgings in general are not located within the central structure, you will be sleeping in ancient stone houses, medieval towers and refurbished and rearranged haylofts in country style in the most absolute respect of the surrounding ecosystem, in compliance with the highest standards of environmental eco-sustainability. Furthermore thanks to the cooperation of the accommodating structures located nearby, in the case our capacity should result insufficient, the guests will be lodged in agritourisms, rural homes and other lodgings located nearby with which we have been continuously cooperating for years in the organization of events and in offering a highest quality service to all guests.

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How to reach Alcatraz

By car
Take the Perugia-Cesena motorway, exit at Ponte Pattoli (19 km from Umbertide) and follow the indications for Casa del Diavolo – S. Cristina, Alcatraz (7 km).

By airplane
Perugia S. Egidio airport.

By train
Perugia Ponte San Giovanni or Ponte Pattoli station.

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