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20 years of caring for People, Places and our Planet

For more than two decades now, we’ve changed the relationship between our industry and our most important asset: the planet. Discover how our expertise, support and pragmatic advice has helped thousands of businesses start positive green journeys that are fit for the 21st Century.

We are proud partners to over 2000 eco-friendly accommodation providers and attractions in the UK and abroad.

Green Tourism is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1997. Our mission is to encourage and enable people to make sustainable choices that reduce their impact on the planet.

From our beginnings in Scotland, we have grown to over 2000 members across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Canada and Zimbabwe, making us the world’s largest sustainable certification programme of its kind.

Why choose a Green Tourism member?

  • If you care about the environment, look for the Green Tourism leaf.
  • Sustainable tourism protects environments, respects local cultures, supports communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution. Choosing to visit / stay with a Green Tourism member means you’re supporting a business that is positively working towards this.
  • So when you enjoy a day out at one of our accredited destinations, you know you’re in the company of people who care.

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Why join us as a member?

  • More and more people are looking for eco-friendly options when planning a holiday or day out – it’s a rapidly growing market. You can tap into this tremendous potential by growing your tourism business the sustainable way with Green Tourism as your partner.
  • As a member of the world’s largest sustainable certification programme, your business will benefit from cost savings, expert advice and a distinct marketing advantage that sets you apart from your competitors.

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We’re independently validated

Green Tourism is considered one of the most rigorous certification programmes of its kind. It is the only one recognised and endorsed by all UK National Tourism Agencies – VisitScotland, VisitEngland,VisitWales and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

We’re working with The Woodland Trust to help reduce our business carbon footprint

We have worked with the Woodland Trust to create 250 m2 of new native woodland. In time, this will absorb at least 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping with our strategy to reduce our business carbon footprint.