Our Green Story:
The Majestic Line

25 January 2024

Glen Massan moored by Eilean Donan Castle

The Majestic Line, a small ship cruise company located on the west coast of Scotland, has been blending their love for the Scottish coast with a lifelong passion for the sea for two decades. The founders, Ken and Andy, sought to acquaint people with the stunning and remote landscapes of the West Coast, a venture they had undertaken for years.


A commitment to sustainability

The journey began by rescuing two Irish fishing vessels from decommissioning, resulting in the creation of our cherished converted fishing vessels, Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan. Sustainability has always been a priority, leading us to repurpose and recycle materials in crafting our ships. Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan initiated our ‘green journey’, preserving their original wooden hulls and showcasing unique characters.

When considering a third ship, we encountered a shortage of decommissioned vessels. This challenge prompted us to build a faster vessel equipped with stabilisers to reach the farthest reaches of the Outer Hebrides. Local boat builders from the Isle of Bute played a pivotal role in bringing our two steel-hulled ships, Glen Etive and Glen Shiel, to life. Even our newest vessel, Glen Rosa, was converted by Mallaig Boatyard.

Our commitment to sustainability permeates every detail, from using refurbished or recycled materials during conversions to incorporating LED lights and dual flush loos to reduce water wastage. Since 2004, we’ve been producing our water aboard by desalination from seawater and encourage guests to use water mindfully.


Glen Shiel at Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Yard

Staying true to our roots

As a small company from Dunoon, starting with just 11 passengers on our first two ships, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Local suppliers like Churchill Venison, Argyll Smokery, and Argyll Vintners have been our partners since day one. With a growing fleet and ventures into new cruising areas, we’ve formed strong bonds with sustainable companies and utilize a local wholesaler to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our small ships, boasting three outdoor decks and inviting dining and bar saloons, provide a cozy vantage point to appreciate Scotland’s scenery. We take you to hidden gems inaccessible to larger vessels, ensuring minimal impact on local communities. Our vessels serve as gateways to Scotland’s coast, showcasing starry nights, breathtaking sunsets, towering mountains, historical sites, and charming island communities. When going ashore at anchorages, our crew uses small tender landing crafts to minimize disturbance, and we ask guests to respect the islands by following designated paths.

Our love for the west coast of Scotland extends to our operations, with extensive training for our crew in marine and hospitality practices, making them responsible wildlife watchers through the WiSe scheme.


Going ashore on Mingulay, Outer Hebrides

Sharing Scotland’s beauty

Our Responsible Visitor Charter and personalised onboard journals guide guests to follow our lead, promoting public transport and supporting local businesses. In our effort to educate young minds, we’ve introduced activity packs for children on private charters, teaching them about local wildlife.

Proud recipients of the Gold award in Green Tourism, following our initial Bronze award, we view it as a testament to our dedication. Marie McGhee, our Green Tourism advocate, ensures we’re continually evolving on our green journey.

Our mission is to share the beauty of Scotland while preserving its natural wonders. We are constantly innovating, with dreams of developing an even greener boat. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2024, we look forward to an almost fully booked season across all five of our small ships. Join us on our green journey here.


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