Benefits to Joining Green Tourism

A detailed look at the benefits your business will receive when you join Green Tourism


  • Independent certification process that’s respected by your customer
  • Distinct marketing advantage to help you attract the rapidly expanding green-minded tourism segment and corporate buyer
  • Joint and collaborative marketing opportunities via a range of communication channels including our engaging monthly campaigns
  • Green Tourism certificate, logo and plaque to promote to customers
  • A full interactive assessment with bespoke report and ongoing support from our technical experts
  • Access to our extensive online resource library
  • Potentially significant cost savings thanks to all of the above!

Competitive Advantage: Differentiate your business by going greener

By joining Green Tourism and gaining an award (complete with logo to use in marketing, plaque and certificate for display), your business is immediately an at advantage, with a certified grading that sets it apart from those without any accredited green credentials.  And more often than not, discerning travellers and corporate bookers are now looking for destinations, attractions and activities that can prove a level of eco-awareness in their operations.

Responsible Business: Green Tourism rewards responsible businesses

By earning and displaying Green Tourism awards you are showing the world that your business takes environmental considerations seriously and is taking practical steps to tackle issues such as energy efficiency, water saving and mindful waste reduction.  The awards represent recognised third-party verification and as such are a valuable hallmark of green achievement.

For larger enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing in importance, and becoming involved with Green Tourism is a brilliant way to boost those CSR credentials.  We’ll give you plenty of guidance on CSR initiatives that will reinforce your environmental commitment and cement your standing in the community by contributing in a genuine and meaningful way to local projects and causes.

Cost Saving Ideas: Save the planet and save money

Once you’ve signed up to join Green Tourism, our fully-qualified environmental assessors can offer tailor-made advice on how to reduce your energy usage and therefore utility costs; they’ll also give you tips on efficient ways to reduce waste, and the latest directives on recycling.

Customer Experience: Green up the customer experience

Creating and promoting authentic local experiences can be a great way to attract customers while connecting with and supporting like-minded tourism providers.  Experiences can involve anything from simply choosing to buy regional and ethically-sourced produce (or growing your own) to devising eco-activities like cycling routes and nature trails with partner enterprises. 

Share your values: Motivate your staff and tell your story

One extra benefit of joining Green Tourism, is the way in which getting on board with eco initiatives in the workplace can motivate staff. Forming a Green Team of enthusiastic people can be a real game changer. Inspire creative suggestions and practical ideas from those on the front line of hospitality.


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