Green Tourism Climate Emergency Plan



We want acting responsibly to become second nature across our industry and are committed to helping businesses and people better understand the environmental impacts of their actions and supporting them to work toward a more sustainable future.




Our Climate Emergency Plan focuses on 5 key commitments.

  • Measure

    • We commit to measure, record, and publish the impact of our business operations upon the environment accurately and transparently and to help our members do the same.
    • Develop a Sustainability tracker that will aid in the recording and measuring of
    • Report annually on our sustainability performance against a 2018 baseline and our yearly targets and goals.

  • Reduce

    • We commit to reduce our environmental impact on the planet through a range of regularly reviewed and updated actions.
    • Our annual Sustainability report will outline how this has been achieved i.e., through new initiatives, policies, or technology.

  • Share

    • We will share knowledge and best practice via our website.
    • Our social media activity will promote sustainability issues, best practice, and innovation.

  • Campaign

    • We commit to champion climate action as per SDG 13.
    • 2022 Climate focus is on supporting businesses on their journey to Net-Zero.

  • Improve

    • We commit to continually looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint

The climate crisis is an ongoing and evolving situation, as such our plans will need to adapt and evolve as events unfold. Reducing our carbon emissions and overall environmental impact will be our priority, however, we acknowledge we cannot eliminate 100% of our business-related emissions. Where it is currently unviable to do so then we will work to offset those remaining emissions through Carbon capture and/or carbon offsetting schemes. If you have any insights or suggestions or would like to work with us to tackle the climate emergency, please just get in touch [email protected]


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